Tuesday, July 27, 2010



We are visiting with my husbands family in Utah for the next couple weeks. Ande is loving every minute of it! He is having so much fun with his 13 cousins on this side of the family. He is learning so much from them. So far he's started talking more, he finally figured out how to go down stairs, and he even got to ride a horse! {look here for pictures}

All this fun means not so many new crafty posts for me. But don't lose hope, I am going to try and post some great finds throughout the week and I also have tons of stuff lined up for when we get back mid August! So stay tuned!

I don't have anything new to share but here are two pretty things to feast your eyes upon:

I love the look of this so much. I am definitely going to try this, especially now that I have gotten my Mod Podge out from hiding. I have been wanting creative ideas for wall art other than pictures, pictures, pictures!

Yet another great decorating idea. I love these! As soon as she gets her new shop up and running, I will be purchasing these beautiful vases!

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