Thursday, August 12, 2010

Reunion Part 2

What a fun, crazy, awesome time we had these past 3 weeks.

As I already posted, we spent the first week in Sandford, Colorado where we enjoyed the country, small town parades, sand dunes, and riding horses.

The next week, as soon as everyone arrived, we started the real reunion festivities. We got to attend baby Bowen's blessing which was wonderful. We also got some more great family pictures taken:

We attended the Mt. Timpanogas temple as our date night, had some hilarious Olympics in the backyard, and finally we took off into the Uinta mountains to hang in a huge cabin for a few days. We had such a good time being with family, and I am so glad that Ande was able to spend so much time with his cousins. He seems to have grown up so much since being there.

Probably my favorite part {besides the blind karaoke, of course! ;) } were the dirt bikes and 4-wheelers.
We had a particularly amazing ride the day that we found the mountain trails. One broken bike, knee deep mud pits, and one 4-wheeler crash later, we found ourselves wind blown and covered in mud! It was the most fun I've had in a long time. And even more spectacular was the fact that I even learned to drive the dirt bike on my own. Now we know what we want for Christmas....Dad?!?

Can't wait till next Summer...New Hampshire here we come!


  1. I feel like Brooklyn always changes so much after hanging out with family! I think having different people there (besides just me all day) teaches her so much. I love it! Great post - it looks like you guys had a blast.

  2. So much fun! I love the family picture. All of you are so good looking! And I love the Haynie 2010 shirts that you guys have! Seriously Awesome! It was so fun seeing you while you were here! Ande is adorable!

  3. love the pictures. i was so impressed with your riding skills too! Seriously!!