Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday Must-Haves

{Baby Wraps}

I have a few friends who are pregnant right now and so they inspired my Must-Have search today.
These 2 little baby wraps are perfect if you have a little one during the cold winter months. They both look very well made and much better than the pillow-case idea I had brewing in my head when my son was a baby.

The Noonie - a modern baby blanket
The cool thing about this Noonie is that the look is so different from anything else I've seen. I just love it. I also love that she has so many different color options available!

The Monkey Wrap

This baby looks like it is in the lap of luxury! There's no chance your baby will get cold in this get-up while on the go. Not only does this shop have these monkey wraps, but it also contains some really fun outfits for older kids as well, like Dino and Dragon hoodies! The only unfortunate thing is that you'll have to wait until mid-January to purchase, since the owner of this lovely shop is on ~Vacation~. But I just say, good for her, for enjoying this season with her family!

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