Sunday, December 5, 2010

Towel Boy

This is my little towel boy.
(It's a hand towel)

He thinks he's 12.

This may bore you, but I just wanted to write what Ande's been up to lately for record's sake. He does so many cute things and I don't want to forget anything!

He's really been showing his independence lately.
For some reason he started saying "No" when he means "Yes."
He also says "No" when he means "No." 
Complicated child.

He will copy pretty much anything we say now. 
His little voice is so cutey patooty, it reminds me of his cousin Beck.
Some of the cute things he says:
I love you - he says "I Lafoooo"
Blankie - he calls it "Mankey"
Puffs (the little disolvable baby food) - he says "Fussies"
He calls Candy - "piece"
I want that - he says "Own Dat"

Things Ande loves right now:
~"cycle" - the scooter we are keeping on our back porch for a friend
~playing outside
~playing chase with his dad
~Candy - dang you Halloween!
~anything cars, trucks, planes

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