Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Things that make me happy today

1. Icy roads = Curt not having to go to work = me getting an extra nap in this morning and a shower!

2. Icy grass and neighbors with a great hill = good sledding!

Ande was a little nervous to sled down at first. He's in a phase where everything scares him. I think he learned the word "scared" from one of his books and now he says he's scared of everything, shadows, noises, lights, the remote control car, and now sledding. Luckily, by the bottom of the hill he was screaming "weeeeee!" like the little piggy on that geico commercial. (I think it's geico).

3. I'm happy that I got my new serger threaded all by myself, now I just need to figure out how to make all the different stitches! Can anyone give me some lessons? So far everything I've sewn doesn't look quite right.

4. I'm actually happy to have my Christmas decorations down, finally! Now I am on to the next...

I got these adorable Valentine stamps at Michael's yesterday. Ande and I are going to make some cards with them and I can't wait! I just love the little doodles on them!

What makes you happy today?

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