Thursday, January 6, 2011

New beginnings

Maybe your tired of hearing everybody talk about this new year, fresh start, resolutions stuff, but I have a little more to say on the subject!

If you read my craft blog, hopefully you noticed that I decided to merge that blog with this family blog. I was able to send all of my craft blog posts over here. I'm hoping this will make it easier for me to post more regularly. So that is my first change for the new year.

I continue my pain staking work on some new crochet patterns. Here is a little sneak peak on what is to come:

Yes, that's right, get excited!

Now I will just grumble a little about the cold weather...
You may remember back around October, I couldn't stop complaining about how hot it was. I was just dying for the cold weather to get here already. Well, now here it is, barely January and I'm already dreaming of Spring. We went to the park today since it was slightly less cold. I think Ande squealed in delight more today than he did on Christmas morning. He was so excited to be running around outside that he couldn't contain his joy! So this got me day dreaming about warmer weather, flowers, and getting myself lost in some fluff novel at the park while Ande plays his little heart out.

Why is it that we always look forward to what's ahead and we forget to enjoy the "right now?" I welcome any suggestions on keeping little ones entertained in the winter!

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  1. hang a swing from ikea in their room. :) and our kids love to fingerpaint with whipped cream on a cookie sheet. mall playgrounds (or get an annual membership to some indoor play area so you can go once a week), storytime--and extend library stay for 1.5 hours :), hide n go seek inside, does your library have museum passes that you can "check out: for the day. Some do and then its free to go to the childrens museum, a mini trampoline or ride bikes in the garage (we did that this year and bought those exercise mats from walmart to cushion the ground and a space heater so its not so cold), a color or animal treasure hunt. Pick one and they have to go find as many things as they can in the house that color/animal, mini basketball hoop and ball from the dollar store, make a slide out of something long and have it go off the couch--that can be fun for days, pile up blankets/pillows and show ande how to jump off the couch or a bed into them with a stool to climb back up, put Ande on a big blanket and pull him around on the hardwood floor, if you have a gas stove/fireplace--roast marshmellows, buy flannel material--attach it to a white board (so you have both a white board and a flannel board), buy more cheap pieces of colored flannel and make animals--then he has a farm to play with and a white board to draw on.

    Alright, we are off to our indoor playground for the very same reason. Love you! REALLY wish we were close and we'd come over to play today.