Monday, March 21, 2011

Get Hooked: Learn to Crochet: Crochet Bow Tie


{Get Hooked!}
Learn to crochet with easy, fun, and free patterns!

I still haven't summoned the courage to attempt a video tutorial, but I had this really good idea and so we're going to make it work with pictures instead!
Periodically, I am going to post a crochet tutorial/pattern here for you.
I am hoping these sessions will give those of you who are interested, a chance to learn some quick easy crochet projects.

I have been thinking a lot lately about doing more "boy focused" projects.
I don't have any little girls running around, I'm surrounded by boys.
Why am I not making anything for them?
So, that is what inspired today's tutorial:

(( The Crochet Bow Tie ))
Why should girls be the only ones who get to wear bows?
 Let's get started!!!

Standard instructions will be in bold.
More detailed instructions will be underneath.

Tools you need:
~ Size G Crochet Hook
~ Yarn (I like Lion Brand Cotton Ease)
~ Scissors
~ Crochet needle

1. Attach yarn to hook with a slip knot. 
Start by making a pretzel shape. Insert the hook through the right loop and out the middle loop. Pull tight and you have your start!

2. Chain 36. 
To do this, loop the yarn over the hook and pull through the loop that is already attached to the hook. Each time you pull the yarn through the loop on the hook, your tail of chains should be growing longer. Repeat this step 36 times.

3. Single Crochet in the 2nd loop from the hook and in each chain after.
To perform a single crochet: Slide hook through 2nd chain from hook. Wrap yarn over hook and pull back through the chain.
You should now have 2 loops on the hook. Yarn over again and pull through both loops on the hook.

Repeat in each chain down the line.
4. Chain 1. Turn work and complete 1 Single Crochet in each stitch down the line.
After you complete your first row of single crochet's, chain 1 time. Then, flip the long strip to your left and complete 1 single crochet in each stitch down the line.
 5. Repeat step 4 to create a total of 5 or 6 rows (depending on your child's size and how big you want the bow to be).
 6. Finish off and leave a tail that is several inches long.
Finish off by cutting a long tail and then pulling through the last loop on your hook.
 7. Attach your crochet needle to the tail.
 8. Fold each end into the center and sew the ends together.

 9. Wrap the remaining tail around the center of your bow very tightly. Secure it to the back with a knot and tuck in your loose ends.
 10. To attach to the shirt, simply slide a metal snap clip (that's what I did) to the back of the bow and clip it on. You could also crochet a neck strap and add snaps to attach it, or sew some sort of elastic neck strap and attach the bow however you like. I think the snap clip is the easiest option and I'm sure you have a ton laying around!
You did it!
(I hope)
I hope my instructions were easy enough to follow. This is a super quick and simple project to do, especially if you are just starting out with crochet. If you have never crocheted before, I suggest going to and looking up some video tutorials before you try any patterns. However, feel free to let me know if you have any questions about this one!


  1. Linds - I'm so impressed with all you are doing!

    Your old ECU dance friend,

  2. They are so cute! Thanks for the great tutorial!

  3. This is so cute& easy to make!! Thanks Much for the pattern!