Sunday, August 19, 2012

Balls, Dogs, and Blueberries

*Pictures courtesy of our latest photo op with Leah Watkins Photography. Thanks Leah!
This is just a teaser of all the amazing pictures we got from her! More on that later.*

Owen had his first birthday on August 11th.
We are all just a little baffled at how fast the past year went by.
He has changed so much.
I hadn't looked back at his baby pictures much until putting this post together.
His baby-hood is such a blur in my mind because of all the adjustments that came our way when he was born.
We adjusted to another little body in our home, 
having to bottle feed instead of nurse,
Ande learning to sleep in a big boy bed, 
and how to get by with a lot less sleep again.
We got through all that and are now having so much fun enjoying the funny, chubby, and all around happy guy that Owen has become.
He loves balls, dogs, and blueberries best of all.
Owen does everything at his own pace, and has slowly dipped his toe into the world of walking.
He can take several steps on his own, but only when he decides he wants to.
We all can't get enough kisses and snuggles from him and feel blessed by him as a part of our family every day!

Happy Birthday Obo!

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