Monday, August 27, 2012

Curtsay Designs Shop Update!

I've been busy working on something new...

This little project started out as something completely different.
It's funny how ideas can change over time.
I first had the idea for some designs, which I enlisted a good friend, Jessica, to help me with.
She's an amazing artist, and she did such a great job of visualizing my ideas and putting them to paper.

{You can contact her at someday876 [at] gmail . com for any artistic needs you may have!}

For the longest time, these wonderful drawings were all I had.
I mentioned the other day my lack of creative inspiration lately...
that was until another one of my great friends suggested I learn a new skill.
I took up embroidery and I absolutely love it.
I love the way the colorful threads look against the canvas fabric. 
I love the texture of the designs.
I love these bags and hope you do too!

There are more designs to come, and I will post them as I make them.
(I even have some kid-friendly designs that would make the perfect library tote. I can't wait to show you!)
These canvas totes are perfect for the eco-friendly grocery buyer, the avid reader/library go-er, or even the fashionable shopper.
There are so many things you can do, and places to see with a new bag on your shoulder!

"Je t'aime" Embroidered Canvas Tote

"Bonjour" Vintage Typewriter Embroidered Canvas Tote

*Find all new hand embroidered canvas totes, HERE, in the Curtsay Designs shop!*

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  1. Hey! That friend who gave you you're idea to learn new things is a genius! ;) They look great Lindz!!