Friday, January 11, 2013


...this week's instagrams on Friday...

(Yes, this did happen. Ande painted my toenails. He did a remarkably good job!)

I'm so glad it is Friday already. 
That means, only 2 more days before our new little fella is here with us!
I have been going crazy trying to get things organized and ready.
We finally got Christmas put away.
I have been trying to keep the house clean, 
but that is almost impossible with two destructors running around.
Every time I finish sweeping or mopping one part of the house,
I find cracker crumbs, a spilled box of rice, or a bedroom-turned-sandbox in another.
As crazy as my boys are though, they are also ridiculously helpful and sweet.
Ande has recently learned how to get himself dressed, which really is so helpful.
They both love washing the front window, or any other hard surface that needs cleaning.
I have also been soaking up all the snuggles I can get from them.
We found out yesterday that any child under 18 is not allowed to come in the birthing wing of the hospital.
Like, at all.
The flu has been really bad this year and they don't want to take any chances.
I totally understand that, but it also breaks my heart a little bit.
When I walk into the hospital to have this baby,
 it will be almost 2 days before I get to see Ande and Owen again.
No hospital visits allowed.
It is so hard for me to let others take over and take care of my kids for me.
I worry...I miss them...
So for now, I'm just trying to enjoy every little giggle and kiss that I can from them.
I am going to walk into the hospital, ready to enjoy every little snuggle from this new baby.
Before I know it, we will all be reunited and we can start figuring out how to be a family of 5!

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