Tuesday, January 8, 2013

moments and emotions

Perplexed...is how I feel when he tells me he wants a hug, then refuses to do it.

Mystified...is how I feel when I cut up his banana for breakfast and that makes him cry.

Frustrated...is how I feel when he insists I put the cut up banana back together. 

Baffled...is how I feel when he realizes he missed a button on his jacket while out for dinner, and wants to drive back home to "start all over again" to make sure he gets all of the buttons right.

Amazed...is how I feel when he uses big words that I've never even heard before.

Proud...is how I feel when he helps and plays with his little brother.

Warm...is how I feel when he "just wants to snuggle."

Loved...is how I feel when he kisses me on the cheek to wake me up every morning.

Perplexed... mystified...frustrated...baffled...amazed...proud...warm...loved...

I never knew I was capable of so many different emotions until I became a parent.
But the emotion that stands out the most is love.
I don't think I would even have the range of feeling that I do 
if it weren't for the ridiculous love I feel for my boys.
Parenting is hard.
It's hard because there is no guide book to follow.
Things are constantly changing, kids are constantly growing, learning, morphing.
Luckily, those hard moments are what make the good moments that much sweeter.

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