Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Yarn bomb!

I've been trying to channel my inner 21 year old lately. The girl who could stay up late into the night and still manage to make it to Dance History class first thing in the morning. If I could somehow remind my body of that old "me" then these late night feedings would be a cinch! 

I get a bad crick in my neck when I fall asleep nursing, so I've been trying to find ways to keep myself awake. Since I can't really crochet and nurse at the same time (if you have figured out how to do this, please share your knowledge!), I started wasting time on Pinterest. 

My yarn stash is a disaster. It is basically a fabric basket in my night stand that is overloaded, twisted, and jumbled.

So, I started looking for some good ways to organize my yarn. 
In the end, instead of finding anything really useful, I just fell in love with all of the pretty colors.

Here are some of the lovely images I found, for your enjoyment...

Source: via Sonya on Pinterest

I'm just a little obsessed with yarn...

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