Friday, March 22, 2013


...this week's Instagram photos on Friday...

I try to get to the gym a few times during the week.
When I got to the kids club to pick up the boys today,
they were playing together.
They play together at home all the time, obvs.
There is a lot of toy-snatching, bossing, and laughter too.
When I saw them playing together in the kids club it seriously made my day.
The room was full of children, toys, and crafts.
Usually I walk in to find Ande making friends with every kid in the room,
and Owen sitting quietly at the picnic table holding a crayon (but not coloring).
When I found them today,
Ande was showing Owen how to work the ladder on a toy fire truck,
Owen was listening carefully,
and my mind was thinking, "they really love each other!"
After spending the entire morning together at home, among the fun distractions of the gym,
they still wanted to be together.

Sorry, I just had to brag.
I'm a proud Mama. 


And finally, it's the weekend.
I have a lot of crochet projects in the works.
I plan to spend my free-time-while-babies-are-sleeping this weekend hooking away.

I'm making a shawl to snuggle up in when the house gets chilly.
It's taking me a while, but I think the finished product will be worth it!

I have a fun little Easter project to finish up so I can share it next week,
and I'm also working on some new Spring-inspired items to list in the shop soon!

If you could choose any color for a flower broach/hair clip of your own,
what color would you choose?


Happy Weekend!

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