Monday, August 12, 2013

birthday boy

(his "embarrassed" face as we sang to him)

My sweet, cuddly, chunky, chatty Owen turned 2 yesterday!
He has grown so much over the course of the summer.
In just a couple short months, he has gone from saying only a couple words, to talking all. the. time.
This age is definitely one of my favorites because I love to finally hear what is going on in that little brain.

Owen loves to play, read, and copy anything his big brother does.
He loves being in the water, wrestling, and watching "Daniel Tiger."
Instead of "what's that?" he says, "what here do?"
He is so snuggly after a nap when his squishy skin is so warm and soft.
He is one goofy kid, and can often be found wearing sunglasses and his favorite fedora.

We love him so much!
Happy birthday sweet Obo!

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