Tuesday, September 10, 2013

crochet love {granny square table or stool cover}

We have this little table next to our couches in the living room.
I have been itching to buy a cool new white end table to replace it.
Unfortunately, our budget doesn't include money for a  "cool new white end table,"
so I decided to just fancy this one up a bit.

I've seen some really fun crochet stool covers around the web,
like this one, and this one.
They definitely inspired me to create one of my own.

I did not follow a pattern because it wasn't very difficult to figure out on my own.
You simply start a granny square and just keep adding rows until it is big enough to cover your table/stool.
The next thing you do is make an edge so the cover wraps around the sides of the table.

With a normal granny square, you chain 1 between each double crochet cluster along the sides, 
and chain 2 between each cluster in the corners. 
To make my side edging, however, I took out all chains 
and simply worked a double crochet cluster in each space around with no chains in between. 

Now we have a fun little table cover to go with our eclectic style,
and I love it!


What projects have you been working on lately?


  1. I love this cute cover! I need to find a stool I can make one for :)

  2. Hi! Great job. I am very pleased to see I inspired you with my stool cover. Keep it up and have a lovely day :) Eliane