Thursday, September 5, 2013

mama, baby battles

(pictures thanks to Ande)

Milo and I have been battling it out lately.
He is just shy of 8 months and up until 2 weeks ago, was still waking up at night to eat.
Ohhh, how it was driving me crazy.
I really like sleep. 
I turn into this crazy, grumpy, scary version of myself when I don't get enough rest.
So anyways, something had to be done about Milo's middle of the night nursing party.

I turned back to my favorite baby sleep book, and finally convinced myself that the problem was all my fault.
Milo had (has) me wrapped around his little finger, and it was time to take charge.
It took one long night.
I was crying, and sweating, and freaking out for 45 minutes straight while Milo "cried it out."
But then, it was silent. He fell back asleep on his own. Hallelujah.
The next night, he only cried for 20 minutes.
On the third night, not at all.
And now, we are both enjoying a good night's rest.

Say what you will about the "cry it out" method...but it totally works, and fast. 
Thank goodness for that.

Mama - 1 Baby - 0

Battle number 2...crawling has begun...all legos and cords better watch out!


  1. We had the same experience with Amber at the beginning of our parenthood. She was dry and fed but wanted to be picked up in the middle of the night. Peggy and I agreed we should let her cry herself back to sleep but I had to hold her in bed the first night. After 3 nights though, all was well.

  2. Good for you! Now you can get some rest and be the best Mum ever.

  3. Fortunately for our boys you are a fine momma (in every sense of the word)!

  4. Nice! I'm too wimpy to do the cry it out method. With zoey I made Cary get up with her and offer cold formula... she quit getting up after a week. Ahh sleeping through the night... I hope it comes quickly with baby boy for me.