Thursday, August 29, 2013

family beach week

Every summer, we spend a week at the beach with my family.
I say this a lot, but I really love the beach.
The beaches of North Carolina feel like home to me.
They are so peaceful and just plain beautiful.

We had another great beach vacation this year.
My entire family was there and we really had a great time together.
The boys got to play with their cousins and dig all day in the sand,
and I got to enjoy an entire week with Curtis (who doesn't usually get off work for our beach week).

It has already been about 3 weeks since we got home, 
but I kept putting off going through my pictures.
Looking at them again makes me wish I was back there.

Until next year...
(blurry because my camera fogged up, but i still like it)

(finally became a "sturdy sitter" while on this trip)

(little boys who are a bit obsessed with their Papa)

("Carry meeeeee!")

(feeling the sand in his toes for the first time- a very important moment in my opinion)

(a precious brother moment)

(another precious brother moment)

(cousins/best friends)

(surrounded by cute, little people)


  1. Family and beach, a very happy combination! Only 44 weeks until we get to do it again!

  2. Every year for almost 30 years I have vacationed with my family (parents and sibs) and now my own family (my kids, parents sibs, their spouses and their kids) at the NC beaches. Your photos look very much like where we vacation. We stay in Long Beach, Oak Island. Are you anywhere near there?