Tuesday, December 31, 2013

our Christmas recap.

Christmas day was so lovely this year. The boys were all pretty sick, but they still enjoyed the day so much. There is nothing quite like experiencing the magic of Christmas as a parent, and creating the special memories for your kids. It was so fun for me to share in their excitement. 

In years past, there has been some crying and fighting over toys on Christmas. Luckily, something magical happens when little boys turn 4. This year was void of crying and disappointment and full of fun.

We spent the morning at home, the afternoon at my parents, and the evening at the movies. 

The rest of this past week has been spent enjoying every moment with my sister and bro-in-law before they head back to school. We have also had several fun dates in the past week. Probably more than the past 6 months combined! I love getting dressed up and holding hands with my Curtis...

This past year hasn't always been the easiest. I remember a lot of late night's with Milo in his first 6 months. I have been sick a lot more than I would have liked. But there have also been a lot of great memories, the best being Milo's birth and the transition of our family from four to five. 

Now, I'm looking eagerly forward to the new year and excited about what it might bring for us!

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