Wednesday, March 5, 2014

finding inspiration

 pattern for lacy bell caplet

review on giant doily rug

 review on yes yes shawl

Sometimes I feel like everything in the crochet world has been done, and done, and done again. People are coming up with one crazy pattern after another because they needed to make something "different." It's definitely hard to stay creative, to introduce patterns that are completely new while still keeping on-trend.

So where should you turn when seeking creative inspiration for a new crochet project or pattern?

... I personally love to look at what others in the crochet/knitting world are making, not so that I can copy their work, but because sometimes a cool photo shoot or a bright color combination will spark an idea in my head. My go to search engine's for crochet are Pinterest, and Ravelry (click to see what I'm pinning and liking).

...Sometimes a step back and away from your yarn stash is the best medicine for a creative slump. Taking a walk, building the lego contraption that Ande has been begging me to make, or a good nap are some things I like to do to clear my head.

...My dear husband often tells me that crochet is not really "cool" and that it should only be used for making hats for little kids. I agree that sometimes it can be really tacky. But I have made it my mission to prove him wrong. I want to make crochet patterns that I will actually wear and not feel silly wearing "in the real world." Know what I mean!? So, to gain inspiration I've enjoyed looking through magazines and catelogues. Flipping the pages of Anthropologie and seeing stylish, and very different clothing, gives me inspiration for cut, color, and designs that I might not have thought of before.

So how do you find inspiration for your projects?

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