Monday, March 10, 2014

yarn love {spring pastels}

I am hoping, hoping, hoping, that the weather has turned a corner and that spring is finally here! Crochet and knitwear is everywhere during the cooler months with all of the hats, scarves, and blankets, but all you have to do is use some pretty pastels to make it popular for spring too!

Here are some crochet projects that I found that are full of gorgeous blues, pinks, and yellows. These ideas are bound to get you geared up for spring!

Geometric patterns are so popular right now, and this one is particularly awesome! I love the color combination! You can find the pattern on the blog, Solstrikke. The back of this pillow is just as cute as the front!

I love this cute little granny square bunting pattern by Lulu Loves! I am imagining making a granny triangle like this, but extra huge so it could be a fun shawl! What do you think?

Ok, this is the cutest pillow I have ever seen. I would love to make a blanket with this exact pattern, and this exact color combination! This pattern is by Dada's Place.

I am sad that the weekend is over already, and things did not start out so great this morning! I really like to stick to a schedule and this morning everything was all out of wack! We rushed out the door to get to preschool only to realize I had to stop for gas on the way, then we got stopped by two (yes two!) construction zones before we got there and I had to throw Ande out the door and speed off! (Well, maybe not that last part.) But I am going to take a deep breath and enjoy this Monday anyways. It's sunny, and warm, and I get to make my brand new niece some cute little mary janes this morning, so what could be better than that?

What will you be working on this week?

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