Friday, April 18, 2014

Frinstagram {balloons and birthdays}

...this week's Instagram photos on Friday...

Ande got a lot of attention this week with his big birthday and all, so I tried to give the other boys some extra squeezes today. They all had a grand time playing at the park last night for Ande's birthday playdate. They probably would have played into the night if I had let them. 

Today was a great start to our holiday weekend. The boys slept in, and had a blast running around with the birthday balloons all day. Curtis got to stay home from work and he accomplished so much! He started sprouting some wheat, made granola, and fixed up my car. The boys love every second they get to spend with their dad (he's way more fun than me!).

It felt like Saturday all day, so now we get to wake up and enjoy another day just like this one! I'm excited to sit down with the kids and help them understand the true meaning of Easter a little better (there are some great videos that we are going to watch here) and to just be together as a family.

What are your Easter weekend plans? 

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