Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ande turns 5

Today is Anderson's fifth birthday, so of course I'm feeling all nostalgic. I drove by the apartment that we lived in when he was born the other day. In my mind, I tried to put myself back in that time in place. I remember his first year of life, in our tiny but home-y apartment, so vividly and tenderly.

Anderson made me a mom. Being his mom has taught me so much about parenthood. He is our parenting guinea pig and he is so so patient with us in the process.

There are still trying moments, but for the most part I am loving this stage of his life so much! Anderson is my buddy. My best friend. My helper and my comforter. He has become the most amazing big brother. I trust him. He is aware of Milo and his needs and he loves to entertain and teach him. He has boundless energy and is always willing to jump up and grab a diaper or keep Milo from running into the street. He has this enormous thirst for learning and wants to know how everything in the world works. Literally everything.

The other day, I had the opportunity to run a few errands with just him and I realized how much I enjoy his company. He kept doing silly things to get me to laugh, and as we walked around the store he reached up to hold my hand.

I love this boy!

Happy birthday dear Ande!

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