Thursday, June 5, 2014


making: a new crochet pattern which is morphing into three patterns

reading: The Fault In Our Stars. Stayed up wayyy too late to finish it last night and now my strange fascination with death is worse than ever. Also, might be turning into a hypochondriac now.

sleeping: not enough (see above).

smelling: tea tree oil. This stuff is amazing. Started adding a couple drops to my nightly routine of moisturizing with coconut oil. The smell is energizing and from what I've read, it has fantastic benefits for the skin!

wishing: the afternoon summer thunderstorm had lasted longer than five minutes today.

enjoying: watching Ande play with the big kid class at the gym this morning. The first time he went, he got teased a bit and it was rough. He didn't seem to mind as much as I did, thank goodness. Today, he fit right in and looked so, so big out on the playground with his buddies.

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