Friday, June 6, 2014

magical summer afternoons

We had one of the first afternoon thunder storms of the summer the other day. The rain started tapping on the glass, and Ande rushed to the window to take a peek. The sun was still fighting to shine and it lit up Ande's curious little face. He quietly watched the rain trickle down until thunder started to rumble. He quickly turned to run and jump on my bed for cover. 

The world is such a big, interesting, amazing place in the eyes of a little child. Then we get older and the things that were so big to us before, seem small. The things that were so magical, can be easily explained. 

Why do we lose our imagination, wanderlust, and wonder as we get older? Is it still hidden inside us somewhere, or does our brain just completely change when we hit puberty? 

I kinda want mine back. I want raindrops falling from the sky to be magical again. I would even love to be frightened by a big, loud thunder. 

I want simple things to make me laugh, a tiny hershey kiss to be the highlight of my day. Heck, I want to get lost in the imaginary world of my own creation with my best friend, Amy, again. 

Luckily we have kids, and moments like I captured above, to remind us stressed out, serious grown ups of the magic we used to know.

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