Tuesday, August 12, 2014

our week at the beach, part 1

And we're back. 

We spent the last week on our annual family beach week and it was fabulous. We stayed in the same house that we went to last year because we loved it so much. I mean, it's humongous.

It rained for the first weekend of our trip and let's be honest...I was super grumpy about it. And it didn't just sprinkle, it poured. The street was flooded and the skies were dark, but it sure didn't get the kids down. They splashed in puddles and played on the beach, regardless. I also got in a lot of reading and sleeping, which I'm definitely not complaining about!

By the time Owen's "pretend birthday" rolled around (we pretended it was his birthday, even though it wasn't until this week), the sun was out and all was right with the world again. We blew up balloons, played with new toys and best friend cousins, and watched big cupcakes smash into little mouths for breakfast! I can't believe my Obo is 3. He has been stubborn from the start. We struggled for a little while before finally getting pregnant with him, and then I had to walk him out of me the day he was born. And now, he's so big, but I'm sure glad he still has a funny lisp and little squishy body to snuggle every day. He is starting to really grow into his roll as big brother to Milo and I love watching his kind heart, curious mind, and silly self in action every day!

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  1. You are all so gorgeous, this could be a catalog photo shoot.