Tuesday, November 18, 2014

our love story

Yesterday marked our seven year anniversary. I am so proud of the little family that we have created and I constantly feel extremely blessed to have such healthy, funny, creative, smart boys in my life.

When we first met, Curtis and his friend vowed to never hang out with me and my friends again. They spent the evening being subjected to our silly, giggly banter and decided we were way too weird. I don't know what prompted Curtis to eventually ask me out weeks later (and he doesn't know either...I still ask him all the time), but I'm so glad he did. It must have been the same thing that kept that one stop light red through three cycles, prompting him to turn his truck around, drive back to my house, and swoop in for our first kiss. And again, after only a month of dating, something led Curtis to propose to me under the boardwalk at sunrise rather than drive home to Florida knowing that he might not see me again.

I'm pretty sure Heavenly Father had a fun time watching our whirlwind romance unfold and watching us follow along with his promptings even though they sometimes seemed a little crazy. I'm so glad that we were guided to each other and into this life that we now have. Sometimes I feel like we are just two kids "playing house," making things up as we go. I kinda think I'll always feel like that, but at least that means that life will always be exciting and challenging and rewarding.

Yesterday was just a normal day for us. We plan to celebrate this weekend, but as I stood in the kitchen yesterday watching the kids and Curtis wrestle like they do every afternoon, I loved that we were all together as a family on that particular day. Anniversaries should be a celebration for the whole family, because it's not just Curtis and I's love story anymore. It's all of our love story now.

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