Monday, December 1, 2014

life lately {according to Owen}

Reading... Otis and the Puppy Such a sweet, sweet book! (He'll be getting A Is for Apple from Santa. It has indented letters so he can trace each one with his finger.)

Watching...a long time favorite for our kids,Pingu The funny penguin characters talk in this nonsensical, made up language which makes it fun for little toddlers who can't always follow a story line.

Fighting...with both brothers over the trusty ole' cozy coupe.

Wearing...some seriously cute and soft leggings from this shop.

Learning...his letters. Well...trying to anyways. So far he's got O and T down pat. his dinosaur Halloween costume, still. everyday.

Singing...all the time but the ABC's, I am a Child of God, and Mary Had a Little Lamb are usually on the rotation. finally sleep in a "big boy bed" (yep, he's 3 1/4 and still in a golly I keep them in there as long as I can!). The boys are getting bunk beds for Christmas so to practice, we've been making a huge floor bed with his and Ande's mattresses. Owen has been doing great, and finding him all snuggled up next to his big brother just melts my heart!

Oh, to be three!

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