Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014...our year in review

I was reading through my new year's resolutions post from last year and it kind of shocked me. I had totally forgotten what I wrote and it pretty much summed up my exact feelings about this year. I felt like the year had been kind of crummy and I felt tired and grumpy. Nothing has changed. I didn't do so well at accomplishing my goals for the year and I'm still feeling like things just didn't go as planned.

Luckily, I started going through each of my blog posts from this past year to do a little recap and there were so many fun, wonderful, amazing things that had slipped my mind. The year wasn't such a huge bust after all.

There are still a lot of things that I need to change about myself, things our family could be better at, and things that I really want for our family that just aren't happening right now, but looking through these words, photos, and videos from the year make me smile so much. The boys said and did so many hilarious things. I accomplished so much with my knitting, crochet, and my Etsy shop. And I made some amazing new friends that probably don't even realize how much they have helped me and how much they mean to me.

I don't know what it's going to take to give myself the kick in the pants that I need, but as long as there are memories like these along the way, I think I'll be okay.

Here are some of my favorite posts from 2014:

January: It snowed a ton and Milo turned one!

February: We made a fun video of Milo walking around and I crocheted two fun new patterns (wrap sweater and lacy bell capelet).

March: Ande learned to ride a two wheeler bike and I wrote about finding creative inspiration.

April: Our perfectly imperfect family photo shoot, Ande turned five, and I wrote about my nursing story.

May: We ventured to Florida for a family reunion (part 1, part 2), I wrote about my favorite cloth diapers, and a small miracle that happened in the car one day.

June: I wrote about motherhood and magical summer afternoons, and I created the Dahlia Doily crochet pattern.

July: Owen said some funny things and I wrote about potty training him. I made a fun cloud and raindrops mobile for Milo.

August: We went to the beach (part 1, part 2, part 3), I wrote about the trouble with toddlers, and made a pretty doily garland.

September: We went to the zoo with some very best friends, and I knitted a turban headband pattern.

October: Our Halloween costumes, and a brand new necklace for my shop!

November: I wrote about our love story and feeling grateful in motherhood.

December: I made a pretty Christmas Wreath, and wrote about our family's Christmas.

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  1. the fact that you can pick favorite posts from each month is impressive to me! That's a lot of blogging and crafting and fun stuff with your kids!