Tuesday, February 3, 2015

our wednesday adventure

I don't know what it is about afternoons, but sometimes they are just plain hard! I've lost the energy that I had at the beginning of the day, the boys seem to get on each others nerves more often, and we are staring out the window waiting for Daddy to drive up. It doesn't happen like this every day, but definitely more often than I'd like.

A couple weeks ago we were having one of those afternoons. I really just wanted to crawl in bed and take a nap but instead I whisked the kids into the van and drove them to this local park called Yates Mill Pond. There is this historic water mill and all kinds of nature trails and bridges around the pond.

At first, I thought we would just go look at the water mill (because the boys are fascinated!), throw some rocks into the water, and head home. But, being outside on such a beautiful day just gave us so much energy that we decided to take the trail all the way around. To keep them motivated to make it to the bridge we pretended like we were explorers and that we had to get to the bridge before sundown or it would disappear! Owen was actually really nervous that we wouldn't make it over the bridge, but Ande loved the game and we quickly made it around! Once we made it to the bridge, we ran into this guy who was fishing. He showed the boys how to cast the fishing line and they watched him reel it in. Then they got splashed as they took a too-close peek at the fish he caught earlier. 

We left that day feeling re-energized and happy. I'm so glad that I acted on that impulse to just get the kids out of the house and take them on an adventure. On the way home that night, we made plans to make "Wednesday Adventures" a weekly habit once the weather starts warming up and I can't wait. 

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