Thursday, January 29, 2015

knitting love {bandanna fringe scarf}


I am loving fringe lately! 

I have always really liked bandanna shaped scarves. I crocheted one for me a while back that I still wear often! But, I honestly have way more fun designing for the kids, and that's how this scarf came about! Since I have also jumped on the fringe bandwagon, I knew that I had to add it on!


The scarf is knitted in the round, with a circular needle, until you start tapering off into the point for the "bandanna" shape.

For the fringe, I knew that I wanted to take a different approach than the usual "tying on" with strips of yarn. I just felt like it would be too easy for the boys to pull out those pieces, and then I would *for sure* find little strips of yarn lying all over the house! So, I ended up using a loop stitch around the border of the scarf instead!



Now on to the pattern!

Supplies needed:
1 skein any worsted weight yarn
(I used Vanna's Choice in Honey)
Size 10 29 inch circular knitting needles
Stitch marker

Abbreviations and stitches to know:
co-cast on
bo- bind off
sts- stitches
k- knit
p- purl
p2tog- purl two together
k2tog- knit two together
loop stitch- this is a great video tutorial if you are unsure how to complete this stitch!

Let's begin!

1. CO 72 sts.
2. Place stitch marker and begin knitting in the round. k all stitches.
3. P next 2 rounds.
4. K in the round until piece measures 4 3/4 inches from co.
5. Bo 24 sts.
6. K next 48 sts.
*Stop working in the round and turn work. You will now be working in rows, but keeping your stitches on the same needle! You will begin decreasing by 1 stitch on each end of your work, on every row.*
7. P2tog. P to last 2 sts. P2tog.
8. K2tog. K to last 2 sts. K2tog.
9. Repeat steps 7 and 8 until only 3 sts remain. BO.
10. Still using your circular needle, pick up and knit evenly around the entire bottom border of the scarf. It shouldn't matter where you start picking up stitches, but I started in the back middle.
11. Loop stitch in each st around. Your loops should be about 3 inches in length. Try to keep loop lengths consistent!
12. BO, weave in loose ends and you're done!

This scarf is intended for toddlers and kids.

It measures approximately:
5 inches from CO edge to bottom edge in the back (not including fringe)
9 3/4 inches from the CO edge down to the point (not including fringe)
21 inches around with a good amount of stretch!


You should end up with a fun little ribbed edge on the top of the scarf, a pointed bandanna edge on the bottom, and really fun fringe as well!

If you want to make this scarf in another size, it shouldn't be too hard to alter! Just cast on a multiple of 3 stitches. After you make your ribbed border and knit for your desired amount, you will BO the first 1/3 of your stitches. The remaining 2/3 will be worked into the pointed shape. You may need to then alter the degree of decrease in the point, depending on how small or large you make your scarf!

So far the boys have enjoyed wearing this bandanna scarf! They love playing around with the fun fringed edge and they feel a little bit like "cowboys" every time they wear it!


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