Tuesday, January 27, 2015

the playroom

For Christmas, Ande and Owen got bunk beds and we made the decision to move them into Milo's room. Having all of the boys together meant that we could dedicate our third bedroom as the official "playroom." 

Now, I won't lie and tell you that it has been an amazing transition. The boys take a lot longer to fall asleep now. Milo has been beyond excited to have his big brothers sleeping in the same room. But we're making progress and having all of the toys in one place is exactly what my ocd self needs!

In these photos you can see some of my favorite spots in the room. It's definitely not usually this clean, but it is always this bright and there are always boys in there having a blast!

[[ I love the pop of color from this coat rack. It sits behind the door and hold hats, backpacks, and capes. It is called the Present Time Saturnus Hat Rack]]

[[ These awesome name drawings were sent to us by Curtis' dad for Christmas. We love them! ]]

[[ One wall of the room is chalkboard and the others are all white. I love the minimalist color scheme with color sprinkled in from all of the toys! I got the striped baskets on sale at Target. ]]

[[ I'd love to eventually have some cute matching storage bins for the toys, but the plastic rubbermaid boxes hold up so well! ]]

[[ We have the Melissa & Doug Cook's Corner Wooden Kitchen and another Target storage bin in this corner. It holds our plethera of costumes, which get dumped out and worn several times a day! ]]

[[ In the winter, we keep a couple bikes inside the house so the kids can stave off the winter-boredom-blues. Milo got this Scuttlebug for Christmas and it's the perfect little bike for him! ]]

[[ We have a million kids books because I love them and so do the kids! We took a tip from Curtis' sister and put gutters up on the wall for book storage. We only have two rows up for now, but they only hold about 1/2 of our books so we plan to hang more soon! ]]

The kids may be a little wacko at bedtime now that they share a room, but we are really enjoying the new playroom! The room is bright and fun and allows for all kinds of creative play!


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