Wednesday, January 14, 2015

life lately {according to Milo}

My baby is two today! Usually on their birthdays, I get all nostalgic and look back at their baby photos remember all the adorable moments from their life so far. But today, I just can't bring myself to do it. I seriously do not want this kid to grow up any more! So, there's no need to look back at his baby pictures just yet because I'm pretending that he's still my baby.

Instead, we'll just go through some of the things he's doing lately and loving lately.

Here's life lately according to Milo...

playing... with anything helicopter or airplane related

riding... on his Scuttlebug (which he's almost too big for!)

reading...Giraffes Can't Dance , a favorite from our Christmas present book haul.

learning... to go potty...crazy kid pretty much taught himself and we've been diaper free for at least a week now (my thoughts on potty training).

speaking... in full sentences all. the. time. His favorite phrase at the moment is, "What's that noise!?"

terrified... of the humidifier, which is #1 cause for his favorite phrase ^ it's a frog. how scary is that?

loving... sharing a room with his brothers now and talking to them even after they are fast asleep.

giving... hugs and snuggles and sitting in my lap as often as possible. Thank you baby.

Happy birthday to my goofy, loving, playful, energetic Milo!

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1 comment :

  1. he's starting to look like your other boys... isn't it sad when they lose the baby look :/

    and how awesome that he potty trained himself! I'm totally jealous... potty training is the worst