Wednesday, February 25, 2015

the fluffy white stuff









When I was a kid, I lived for snow days. I even made up chants to the snow gods to bring on a snow day (it went a little something like, "Oh EE Oh, snowwwwwww"). That was some serious dedication. But yesterday morning when that early morning text message that told us school was cancelled (again) woke me up, my chant sounded more like, "Noooo!!!!!!!" The kids have missed six days of school so far and I'm going a little stir crazy! 

Last week, I didn't really go out in the icy mess at all because I was mad at it. Yesterday though, the snow was fluffy and white and it came down steadily all day. I couldn't miss the opportunity to snap some memories of the kids with my phone so I ventured out and followed them around as they played. They have been loving it. And as much as I hate the fact that snow just puts spring that much farther into the future, I couldn't deny it's beauty as it blanketed our yard and our little home all in white.

The forecast is calling for even more snow tonight. Maybe this is mother nature's way of forcing me to just embrace this never ending winter. 

PS- a few tidbits of news for the week:

- Hop on Instagram and find my new page @shoplovecity where I've got a fun closet sale going on today through Friday at noon! I have some gently worn clothing up for sale that need a new home!


- I will be attending another Makers Market in March! It is a great way for any local friends to support local handmade artists! 

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