Thursday, June 4, 2015

what i'm watching 3.0

One of my favorite things to do at night, once the boys are safely tucked in bed, is to snuggle up with some knitting and a good show. Below is a list of the shows that I've watched recently and really love!

1. Documentary: Time To Remember

Back in the 1950's they put together collections of footage from the first half of the century. BBC has now sort of redone the original documentary to create a series of episodes about different aspects of life in the early 20th century. This could potentially be boring for most people, but for me it is great. I love seeing the real footage from long ago!

2. Crime Drama: Blue Bloods

How could you not love any show with Tom Selleck in it!? But seriously this show is, from what I can tell, not very well known but so so good! It is about solving crimes but it's definitely not as scary or morbid as other shows in this genre. This show also has a strong focus on the importance of families and good winning over evil. Every episode is like a "season finale" because they are all exciting and intense! Curtis and I have been watching this together before bed the past few weeks and we both just love it so much!

3. Period Drama: When Calls The Heart

I love a good period piece and it's not often that I can find one as clean as this one! When I first started watching this series I almost turned it off because of how cheesy it was. I didn't think I could suffer through the mediocre acting, but I kept going anyways and ended up loving it! I fell in love with the characters and the stories and there are some really heartfelt moments along the way! Not to mention, the early 1900's style costumes are so dreamy!!!

RUN and go see this movie if you haven't already. Seriously. Stop reading this and go see it right now! This movie was e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g! Blake Lively, Harrison Ford, Ellen Burstyn...great great acting! The love story was so interesting and different and sweet but my favorite thing about the movie was the wardrobe! My new motto is to only buy clothing that Adaline would have worn!

5. Crime Drama #2: Broadchurch

This is a less heart warming crime drama for any of my dark and twisty friends. It's about the death of an 11 year old boy and the detectives that are searching for his killer. This show is definitely not for the faint of heart. It's not gory or anything, just really sad and depressing (which is right up my ally!). It was pretty intense for me to watch but the acting was so superb that I had to appreciate its amazingness. Yep, amazingness. You'll be in suspense the entire season, dying to know "who dunnit?" and of course, you'll be shocked in the last episode by the conclusion!

What movies/shows/series are you loving lately!?

Check out What I'm Watching 1.0, and What I'm Watching 2.0 for my last two lists of great shows!

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