Thursday, July 27, 2017

Dear Lucy...


Watching you turn one was not the easiest for me, and to be honest, the past year wasn't very easy for me either (which I'll explain in a post coming soon...). But as I looked over all of our photos from the day you were born until now, all I remember are the good moments! I see you as the little blonde sunshine in our home!

When you wake up in the morning (and after every nap), everyone races to be first into your room to coo and kiss you. And you welcome the love with big smiles and lots of babbling talk. Oh how I wish I knew what you were saying! You sure do have a lot to tell us! There are a couple words that we do understand like Mama, Dada, Dog, Bubble, Diaper, Bird, and Vacuum!

Your pointer finger is constantly extended so you can show me everything you see! You started walking about a month ago and you love to make your way around the house, curious about what's behind all the cabinet doors and finding the best lego wheel to chew on! You love swimming, and I get such a good workout chasing you around the shallow end of our pool! As soon as your feet step into the water, you take off running with delight! It was so fun to see you enjoy splashing in the ocean too!

You are quite the picky eater and I struggle to keep you well fed! But you love anything that comes out of a pouch and I often just blend up our dinner, thinking how gross it is, and you gobble it right up. I'll keep trying and hopefully one day you'll stop watching your food fall to the floor as you lean over the side of your high chair! One thing that you DO love is dogs and any fluffy stuffed animal! Every night you sleep with your doggy and your blanky.

On your birthday, we played at the book store and you picked out a book with cute little flowers and bunnies and flaps that you love to open and close. You gobbled down ice cream after lunch and couldn't stand the wait between bites! After dinner we turned on your new bubble blower and I've never seen you so excited! We gave you a cupcake and as we sang, I could tell you felt how truly special you are to us. As you tested out the cupcake, you kept looking up at us for approval. "Are you sure you want me to eat this sticky thing?" You liked the taste but weren't so excited about the messy feeling!


Lucy Grace, with your cute little teeth and your crazy hair, we love you! Thank you for bringing so much happiness and laughter into our home! Happy First Birthday Goosey Girl!



Lucy's Bow

Lucy's Birth

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