Friday, December 8, 2017

Fall Catch-Up

Fall this year in North Carolina has been spectacular. Maybe I was just paying more attention, but it seemed like the leaves were extra vibrant and those beautiful colors stuck around for a lot longer than usual! In fact, there are still bright colors on some of the trees and crunchy leaves are still swirling around as we drive down the street. I have loved it, and it has sort of made me forget that we're moving past fall and into winter now!

Aside from the beautiful leaves this year, we really packed in a lot of fun activities as a family, which made this fall extra special! The boys helped me make a "fall bucketlist" that we kept on our refrigerator to keep track of our activity "wishlist." We didn't end up crossing everything off, but we got close!

We rode rides at the fair, played at the pumpkin patch, dressed up for Halloween, and even made a couple trips to Washington DC and then Texas!

Here are a few pictures to sum up the fun!



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