Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dr. Dan

Ande had his first Dentist Appointment yesterday!

I know you are probably thinking, why did I take my barely 1 year old to the dentist already? Well, I called my childhood dentist office because I thought there would be some sort of waiting list (everybody loves Dr. Dan). Luckily there wasn't, and the guy I talked to said they like to have children come in for a 'well baby' type visit once they have several teeth. Ande has 10 teeth, working on 2 more, so I thought it would be appropriate to get him checked out.

They have this great little play area. If you look behind Ande's head, you can see about 10 My Little Pony's that a little girl lined up on the ledge. The only toy Ande would play with was this little plastic hot dog bun and as I tried to fill out some paperwork, he kept trying to escape.
I guess he knew what was coming...
Let me just say, bringing a 1 year old to the dentist causes quite the spectacle.
All of the women hygienists were oo-ing and aah-ing.
Ande started crying when Dr. Dan tried to look at his teeth. Keep in mind, this wasn't even a cleaning with all the poking, scraping, sanding, etc. Just a quick little looksy...easy as pie. Yet, he still cried.
Then Dr. Dan started talking to me about how we just need to brush his teeth every night, and that we don't need to come back for another year...that was right about the time I realized Ande had the stinkiest poopy diaper of all time. So, even though we found out that Ande has a great set of teeth, I left feeling pretty embarrassed!

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