Thursday, September 8, 2011

thinking back and looking forward

The weather is finally starting to cool down in the mornings and evenings.
A couple nights ago Curtis and I both went for a quick bike ride (not together, kiddies were sleepin').
It was so breezy and cool.
I forgot how much I love bike rides and how much I love my bike.
I found this beauty at the flea market about a year ago, and I even blogged about it already.
If you look, you will realize that I'm even using the same exact pictures from that post. But that is okay.

Riding my bike the other night made me feel like a little kid again.
The wind was blowing my hair as I zipped down the hill.
Actually, I didn't necessarily "zip" because I'm still scared to go too fast down a hill.
Not much has changed.

I rode through puddles and almost fell off as I tried to turn around to come back home.
I almost started to pretend my bike was a horse like I did when I was little. Almost.

Now that I am a mom of 2 and feeling old and frumpy, it is nice to have something that makes me feel like a kid again. 

I am looking forward to cooler weather so Ande can spend more time outside in the yard and at the park and so that I can spend more evenings on my trusty blue steed.

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  1. You look AMAZING!!!

    As I am feeling particularly huge lately, your pictures give me a glimmer of hope... that soon(ish) I might have my body back! Oh and I love summer bike rides.