Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Think Happy Thoughts { Giveaway! }

Welcome to my 6 week crochet series, Think Happy Thoughts!
For the next 6 weeks, I will be featuring a free crochet pattern, pattern reviews, and even a giveaway or two.
The theme of this series is centered around fairy tales, and all things magical and mystical.

So, follow me, and take a leap into the land of Happily Ever After...

This week is exciting because I not only have a new pattern for you tomorrow, but today is GIVEAWAY DAY! 

I am offering 2 crochet hat patterns from my shop, Curtsay Designs for free to 1 lucky reader!


These patterns fit right in with our fairy tale theme, am I right?

To enter, leave me a comment and tell me:
~ Your favorite fairy tale and,
~ Your email address

*You must follow these requirements exactly to be considered! Easy, peasy!

I will close this giveaway tonight, at midnight!
The winner will be announced in tomorrow's post.

Good Luck!

And tomorrow's pattern....

The Fairy Star Wand!


  1. My favorite fairy tale is Beauty and the Beast and my email is bgilson02@gmail.com. And those hats would be ADORABLE on Johnny! :) Thanks for doing a giveaway!

  2. I've loved The Little Mermaid since I was a girl. I need to get back to crocheting and these patterns may just help persuade me! aliciazabel@gmail.com

  3. I always loved Peter Pan. 1hopedanielle@gmail.com

  4. I absolutly love Cinderella! bvlaz3221@hotmail.com I have to say I want to know how to make my daughter The Fairy Star Wand! So cute!

  5. wrong email sorry. breezievlaz@gmail.com

  6. You are so creative you make me want to learn to crochet! Love all of these. My fav fairytale is the book Ella enchanted (Cinderella with a twist). Carla.Morgan.07@gmail.com

  7. Oh pick me. Pick me:) and. And can u teach me that wand in fl? Is it hard. I would be hallies favorite person. Every wand she gets breaks.

  8. I *LOVE* the hat you made for Evie! :) She looks so adorable in it! My favorite fairytale has always been Beauty and the Beast. teralyn@familycampground.org

  9. I love Peter Pan. I love sitting with my son, curled up on the couch. susand1408@googlemail.com