Wednesday, September 11, 2013

a day in the Haynie life {a funny fireman}

The Haynie boys (or as my sister in law would say, the HB's), are not your average boys.
They are quirky, silly little boys who love to dress up and play pretend.
There is never a dull day in our house.
I want to document each of these special moments,
so here are some snapshots from a typical day in the Haynie life...

A boy in a fire fighter costume is not that strange...
but if you factor in the Mickey Mouse garden gloves and the seven golf balls stuffed in the pocket...
that's when things get a little funny.


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1 comment :

  1. They are adorable. My oldest used to put on rubber boots, ski pants, a rain coat and a firefighter hat and he was a fireman, adorable and I miss those days.